Version: Smart Feature Phone 2.5



The BluetoothClassOfDevice interface of the Bluetooth API provides identifying/classification information about a given remote Bluetooth device, available at discovery stage.

Interface overview#

interface BluetoothClassOfDevice
// Major service class
const unsigned short LIMITED_DISCOVERABILITY = 0x0001;
const unsigned short POSITIONING = 0x0008;
const unsigned short NETWORKING = 0x0010;
const unsigned short RENDERING = 0x0020;
const unsigned short CAPTURING = 0x0040;
const unsigned short OBJECT_TRANSFER = 0x0080;
const unsigned short AUDIO = 0x0100;
const unsigned short TELEPHONY = 0x0200;
const unsigned short INFORMATION = 0x0400;
// Major device class
const octet MISC = 0x00;
const octet COMPUTER = 0x01;
const octet PHONE = 0x02;
const octet NETWORK = 0x03;
const octet AUDIO_VIDEO = 0x04;
const octet PERIPHERAL = 0x05;
const octet IMAGING = 0x06;
const octet WEARABLE = 0x07;
const octet TOY = 0x08;
const octet HEALTH = 0x09;
const octet UNCATEGORIZED = 0x1F;
readonly attribute unsigned short majorServiceClass;
readonly attribute octet majorDeviceClass;
readonly attribute octet minorDeviceClass;


  • BluetoothClassOfDevice.majorDeviceClass read-only no-link Represents the Major Device Class of the CoD field of a Bluetooth Device; "the highest level of granularity for defining a Bluetooth device". [1]

  • BluetoothClassOfDevice.minorDeviceClass read-only no-link Represents the Minor Device Class of the CoD field of a Bluetooth Device; "interpreted only in the context of the Major Device Class (but independently of the Service Class field)". [1]

  • BluetoothClassOfDevice.majorServiceClass read-only no-link Represents the Major Service Class of the CoD field of a Bluetooth Device; "the general families of devices with which Bluetooth SIG members want their applications to be associated". [1]