Version: Smart Feature Phone 2.5



The WifiManager API provides access to the wifi device capability.


interface WifiManager {
readonly attribute boolean enabled;
readonly attribute string macAddress;
readonly attribute object connection;
readonly attribute object connectionInformation;
attribute nsIDOMEventListener onenabled;
attribute nsIDOMEventListener ondisabled;
attribute nsIDOMEventListener onstatuschange;
attribute nsIDOMEventListener onconnectioninfoupdate;
attribute nsIDOMEventListener onstationinfoupdate
DOMRequest getNetworks();
DOMRequest getKnownNetworks();
DOMRequest associate(object network);
DOMRequest forget(object network);
DOMRequest wps(object detail);
DOMRequest setPowerSavingMode(boolean enabled);
DOMRequest setStaticIpMode(object network, object info)


  • WifiManager.enabled read-only
    A boolean indicating whether the wifi is on (true) or off (false).

  • WifiManager.macAddress read-only
    A string representing the wifi adapter's MAC address.

  • WifiManager.connection read-only
    An object providing information about the current connection (status and network in use).

  • WifiManager.connectionInformation read-only
    An object providing extra information about the current connection or null if the device is not connected to the wifi.

  • WifiManager.openNetworkNotify
    Returns whether or not openNetworkNotify is currently enabled.

Event handlers#

  • WifiManager.onenabled
    A handler for the enabled event; it is triggered when the wifi has been turned on.

  • WifiManager.ondisabled
    A handler for the disabled event; it is triggered when the wifi has been turned off.

  • WifiManager.onstatuschange
    A handler for the statuschange event; the event object is a MozWifiStatusChangeEvent instance.

  • WifiManager.onconnectioninfoupdate
    A handler for the connectioninfoupdate event; triggered any time the connection information changes. The event object is a MozWifiConnectionInfoEvent instance.

  • WifiManager.onopennetwork
    An event listener that is called with notification about the open wifi network available.


WifiManager by Mozilla Contributors is licensed under CC-BY-SA 2.5.